Welcome (We seek volunteers to help us develop a health awareness creative writing and music therapy project )

The agenda of Dementia ward 17 is to use creative writing,song and spoken word as a means to connect individuals across communities for the purpose of promoting health awareness and achieving healthier life styles with the added benefits of education and expanding a conversation around health.
We believe that through the arts the ‘service user experience’ can be a powerful learning tool in the development of better health and social care provision.

Contributions towards the ward 17 agenda are always welcomed.We especially welcome contributions from singers,spoken word artist, poets 07904 558 661.
And remember A stroke or brain injury can happen to any one at any time and at any age.
So Lets all equip our self’s  with life saving information, not just for our-self’s, but also for our families, friends, and our communities..

YES We are always seeking others to co write poems with us for healthy life style creative writing agenda.
After trying to get this project off the ground I personally have decided to redouble our efforts for personal health reasons,and help is always appreciated.
If interested please get in touch.
07904 558 661 or email info@ronaldamanze.co.uk

The Ward 17 agenda has been Inspired by personal health experiences.

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Radio Show

appreciated  your call and advice today. Some times it feels as if My enthusiasm for life Is like a fountain that over flows. Any way on a separate note I wrote the following words for you. May I say thank you very much For your time and support. It’s Been such a meaningful and significant…
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I have made a conscious effort to be more creatively active this month With no culturally relevant, evidence-based health creative writing services available That I can benefit from in order to address my health recovery and concerns I have decoded to fill the gap. Making a contribution for the befits of all our communities. The…
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Ronald Amanze A stroke ambasodoor for the stroke association and John

About the role I am so please to be a Stroke Ambassadors for the UK stroke association.Picture here with John Mc-gloc who the chief executive of the associations has asked that he assist my agenda Stroke ambassadors  are trained to deliver educational talks on stroke prevention and awareness including the FAST test (Face, Arms, Speech, Time)…
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The impotence of quality dementia care and the insistence on person centered care may sound like logical good common sense. In our day to day lives, we all wish to be treated as individuals, provided due respect and the recognition of our need to share our personal history and our stories. So why is it that achieving this desire…
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