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Brent Climate Challenge – Climate Change Workshop Facilitator 

Do you want to lead the drive for meaningful change in climate awareness and practical actions by local people in Brent? Our Big Lottery funded project – Brent Climate Challenge – is seeking a facilitator to deliver 15 workshops, with at least 10 participants at each session, which will use the arts (specifically music making, creative writing, and poetry) to raise climate issues, learn about them, devise solutions, and encourage others to participate. You will be responsible for identifying locations, participants, delivering the sessions and reporting on outcomes.

£180 per session.

You will be someone who;

  • Can galvanize engagement and collaborative action around the climate emergency within seldom heard communities, and support community development and action connected to Brent Council’s Climate Change Strategy
  • Has strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Can evidence project management and administrative skills
  • Whilst not essential, it is highly desirable that you have knowledge of the climate change agenda

More info on the project

The Brent Climate Challenge aims to raise awareness of COP26 and climate issues in ‘seldom heard’ groups, and also to develop individual and community actions by which these issues might be practically mitigated such as enhancing recycling for example.

The project will do this by running 15 workshops. Each workshop will be self-contained, last around 3 hours, and be led by a facilitator with support from volunteers. They will contain:

•        Conversations to improve participants’ knowledge around a specific climate issue such as reducing waste.

•        The creation of individual artistic works based around the climate issue discussed

•        Discussions on how communities or individuals might mitigate their impact on the environment

•        Follow up actions and support through an action group

The artistic items will be displayed on a website, and the project will create a Brent Climate Challenge Action Group which can take the lead on implementing community strategies and continuing to raise awareness of climate issues and encouraging individual action.


The beneficiaries will be 150 people from ‘seldom heard’ BAME and other communities in Brent. Many will have intersecting issues such as unemployment and poor mental health. The project will be promoted through the local media and using Brent Youth Radio as well as others.

Benefit of the work 

The targets for this work are;

•        150 people from ‘seldom heard’ communities become aware of climate issues

•        150 people pledge to make change to their own lifestyle to mitigate their impact on the climate

•        30 people join a Climate Action Group formed from this work and participate in joint climate action.

Our project will;

Support the development of longer-term climate action within communities

Encourage communities to plan for the climate emergency – to consider what climate action could mean to them and why it matters

Celebrates the importance of community-led climate action and encourages more people to get involved

Build resilience in seldom heard communities that are hardest hit by climate change

If you feel you are the right person and would like to discuss further email