It was great to meet these 2 joyful Luton Dementia Awareness champions.

The impotence of quality dementia care and the insistence on person centered care may sound like logical good common sense. In our day to day lives, we all wish to be treated as individuals, provided due respect and the recognition of our need to share our personal history and our stories. So why is it that achieving this desire that we all share ,seems at times to be so elusive and to result in such varied reports from some sections our communities of their experiences of services?

I was thinking perhaps perhaps more of us need to vigorously challenge society about the statuesque and the value and respect that should be given to all sections of our communities when possible.

It was really inspirational and a great vibe to meet these 2 laddies in Luton town representing the Alzheimer society’s agenda  none the less I was sensitive not to over whelm them with my personnel experiences and view. I have learned that change takes time.