Radio Show

appreciated  your call and advice today.
Some times it feels as if
My enthusiasm for life
Is like a fountain that over flows.
Any way on a separate note I wrote the following words for you.
May I say thank you very much

For your time and support.
It’s Been such a meaningful

and significant part of my world.
While acquainting myself with change.

Talk Dementia 

The Ward 17 health show Launched in March 2014 HIcREc Health Radio is a 2 a week online radio show that talks on the topic of health and wellness. With a loyal audience of many of listeners,We have aim to become the one of the significant venues for providing health new within our communities. Our goal is to provide our listeners with culturally appropriate relevant content specific to today’s health needs – sharing important information to expand healthy people, healthy environments and healthy communities. From serious medical content to fun and light health commentary,HiCrec Radio works hard in bringing you enjoyable and interesting health related news content daily.