Recording artist. Nicola London

The Nicola London challenge
This is where we challenge you to write a poem. A spoken word piece or simply a few lines around the theme of Mental health or well-being.
Our challenge aims to expand the conversation on mental health in hard to reach sections of our communities using arts and media. This is intended to help and encourage everyone to share their feelings and express themselves in a way where they may lack the confidence to speak with others.

The challenge Is open to everyone who may wish to embrace it. And we say this because, mental health can affect us all. With this challenge, we are focused on reaching out to the so called hard to reach sections of our communities.

We will welcome poems from those who may have a lived with the experience of mental illness. These can be personally or indirectly via family, friends and a carer or those who work in social or support services.
The Nicola London Challenge is a Non for profit social enterprise underpinned by an enterprising urban grass roots attitude which can lead to career opportunities for those with disabilities. These opportunities are available to those who are keen to partner or work with others, who can related to the plight of people who are at risk of offending or falling into conflict with the criminal justice system, are under achieving in education or not yet engaging with mainstream services.

Nicola London Invited by Luton Culture to perform at the Launch of the opening of Luton Culture well being centre.

Rachael Hopkins embracing her support for the endeavors of
Nicola London and Romael Ferguson.  Ambassadors of Think Luton and youth

Ben Summon The East London foundation trust
Breaking the Stigma lead meeting up with Ronald Amanze and Nicola London,
This meeting cultivated the idea which resulted in the Nicola London song “Stigma”.