About me

Following a stroke which hospitalize Ronald Amanze he realize he had a health condition which had been misunderstood.This he new explained why he was often being misunderstood and further misdiagnosed.This he worked out was why he would become so emotional especially in the face of what he felt was tantamount to being unfair.( weather he was right or wrong)

Though Ronald was seldom satisfied and often confused and stressed out by the difficulties he had in verbal conversation and would mostly struggle from within…. he still constantly found him self in what he felt was unnecessary disputes with others.

Ronald says his difficulties became so frustrating when he realized that he was not being listened to because he could not address his health concerns, if he could not communicate his needs and feelings sufficiently …so he began writing his concerns and view down to share with his doctor and health professions ETC .

In his frustration he found him self documenting his feeling and thoughts on any piece of paper available to him
but still never sharing the contents with others.
Being from a creative back ground Ronald soon decided to make scene of all the documentations he had been accumulating on paper hence the Dementia Ward 17 agenda.Enterprising as Ronald can be it was not long before he was communication with
with significant players within the care industries,but still not full recovered and often tired he decided to limit-his efforts to just Arts related activities.

Dementia Ward 17 his a reflective and expressive/ creative writing project.Conceived while Ronald was a patient in Luton and Dunsatble hospital …the ward 17 stroke unite whit its concept being enhance trough a relationship developed with Culture dementia

Ronald as since invited others to make a contribution to the project objective and included a music therapy element to it,
This is because some of the writings shall be recited over music.
and music has played a significant part in his up bringing and health recovery.

Master class is an out come from Ronalds experience in Luton and Dunstable Hospital.
It was following his sister singing the words of master class to him while he was a patient in Ward 17 that Ronald decided he was going to produce a charity song to champion health awareness within hard to reach communities while also celebrating the work of Luton hospital.