Smile Brent

The Brent smile challenge.

It is now generally agreed that the pandemic and lockdown have made any existing mental health conditions worse or creating new mental health struggles.

Poor mental health is something that anyone can suffer regardless of their background, job position, financial standing and even how they may seem on the surface. Some people may experience a short period of poorer mental health brought on by temporary stresses, while others may be living with a long-term condition. Either way, like any other illness, this is nothing to be ashamed of and with the right help things can be improved.

The Brent smile challenge are inviting people to write a poem
Or a few lines around the subject of a smile.
It does not have to rhyme or even make sense. 🥳
Apparently smiling regularly can
improve one’s health and peace of mind
and lead to Healthier relationships
Improved mental health
Less anxiety, and stress
Lower blood pressure
Fewer symptoms of depression
A stronger immune system Improved heart health
Improved self-esteem WOW